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9th International Trade Exhibition and Conference

on Analytical Laboratory Equipment & Technology, Biotechnology & Life Sciences and Chemicals & Safety

Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL is organized by VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. a joint venture between Jaarbeurs from the Netherlands and TCC Exhibition and Convention Center from Thailand. VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific develops, with industry partners and exhibition organizers from around the world, executes and internationalizes trade show and conferences from animal production and processing to technology, from agriculture to innovations and from pets to medical and laboratory sectors. VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific successfully applies its concepts and know-how across industries and in all Asian countries. Through its international network and global reach, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific builds marketplaces in Asia – for the world.


trade visitors
from 60 countries


from 15 countries





크레이지슬롯, 오락실 슬롯머신 게임

  • General Laboratory Equipment
  • Laboratory Analytical Instruments
  • Life Sciences, Biotechnology Equipment
  • Clinical Laboratory, Molecular Diagnostics
  • Information and communication technology
  • Laboratory Consumables & Disposables and consumer goods
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Science
  • Laboratory Furnishing/Interior, Facility for Analysis and Experiment
  • Environmental Analytical & Measuring Instruments, Pollution Control Equipment
  • Industrial Quantity Measuring & Quality Testing Instruments
  • Measuring & Testing Instruments for each Industrial Field
  • Metrology, Calibration, Microscope
  • Laboratory Information Management System
  • Laboratory Services, Association, Institutions, Magazines, etc.
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Services, Association, Institutions, etc.

Visitor Profile

  • Scientist, R&D Specialist, Researcher, Laboratory Manager, etc.
  • Analytical Instrument User and Engineer
  • Environmental Management/Biotechnology/Life Sciences
  • Chemical Industry Business, Petrochemical Processing Specialist
  • Food and Beverage Testing/Processing Professional
  • Pharmaceutical/Chemical/Machinery and Precision
  • Quality Control Management/Quality Assurance
  • National and Public Research Institute, Associated Industrial Cluster, Research Institute, Education
  • Corporate & Public Buyers, Analytical Instrument Dealer, Traders,
  • Clinical Diagnostic Personnel, Medical Technologist, etc.
  • Trade Association, Government Agency, Academics (academic medical centers/ research laboratories, university laboratories, etc.)
  • Others (blood banks, local public health laboratories, community clinics)

Special Features & Co-location

Bio Investment Asia

  • Bio Process : Drug Delivery, Fermentation & Cell Culture, Formulation, Separation, etc.
  • Contract Services : CRO/CMO/SMO, Pre-clinical Trial, Drug Synthesis, Analysis services, etc.
  • Up Scale Production : Stem Cell Research, Translation Medicine, Genetic Testing, Gene Expression, Next Generation Sequencing, Lab Automation and Supplies, etc.
  • Bio Services: Bio-Cluster, Consulting Services, Public Supports, Biotech Companies, etc


  • Laboratory Design, Laboratory Furniture
  • Food Safety Test Kits, Labeling
  • Personal Protective Equipment (Head/Eye/Hand/Respiratory Protection)
  • Particle Separation, Disinfection & Removal Technology
  • Sewerage, Irrigation, Water Filter & Purification
  • Waste Water Treatment & Management
  • Cleanroom Equipment & Service
  • Fire Control & Electrical Safety
  • Ventilation & Air Filtration, Dehumidifier


  • Chemical & Reagents
  • Bio-Chemical & Polymer
  • Fine & Specialty Chemicals
  • Handling Glassware, Chemicals & Disposal
  • Chemical Services, Chemical Machinery & Technology

Med Lab

  • Clinical Chemistry, R&D
  • Molecular Diagnostics, Hematology Immunology, Microbiology, Oncology, etc.
  • Medical Analysis, IVD
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Laboratory Management

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Silver Sponsor


Supported by

Media partners

? Copyright - Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2018
크레이지슬롯, 오락실 슬롯머신 게임
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